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Fully attuned with her mission, Chanelle Ray is a multidimensional artist that leads by example, inspiring you to develop the art of being yourself in a poignantly raw way.


Born and raised in Tacoma (Washington) and also spent much time in New Jersey, Ray is a descendant of a lineage of musicians who instill her likening for Jazz and secular music from a young age. By the time she was sixteen, she was already a touring musician, belting a US high school tour and college tour alongside her hometown college band.


Her constant travels up and down the East Coast helped Ray develop a love for Neo-Soul. Also it gave her a chance to look outward, developing her love for city life. The artist quotes New Jersey and Philadelphia for the culture and her love for timeless music. 


These newfound loves would culminate in her studies in music at The Art Institute of Seattle. This opportunity would prove to be short-lived, as destiny would call upon her to pursue other opportunities within Miami's songwriting circuit. Truly taking the time to hone her craft within the songwriting circuit of the city, her talent would fuel yet another move, this time to Los Angeles.


According to shifting tides of human interaction, Chanelle's self-discovery journey had its peaks and valleys, but her sonic debut - 'Still Waters' -  reflects her newly embodied confidence. Her life's narrative arch is one punctuated by continuous indexing and letting loose former characters to make room for the self that's still becoming. Yet, let there be no mistake; Love and intentionality are at the core of everything that Chanelle Ray sets her heart and spirits to, and this is the foundation from where this project stemmed from.

Channeling the divine feminine energy of those that preceded her,  such as Erykah Badu, Sade, Nina Simone, and Lauryn Hill, 'Still Waters' is a contemporary blend of Jazz and R&B elements. A sensual, soft but influential body of work, peeling back the layers of herself and detailing her journey of personal spiritual growth, narrated by Chanelle's unique gravitas and candor.




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